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Suggested trips

To make your stay here a bit easier we have prepared a few daily trips suggestions for you

Bled lake

Walk around Bled lake

A popular thing to do here is to walk around Bled lake. The total distance is 6 km and it takes roughly an hour and a half, longer if you stop frequently. The views are gorgeous and along the way you may come across some very interesting wildlife and even pretty swimming spots . The views from the south side of the lake towards Bled Castle are amazing. The right direction by famous naturopath mr. Arnold RIKLI is Clockwise, so turning left when you reach the lake coming from our lodge. cca: 2h

“Pletna” boat to Bled island 

You can find “Pletna” boats around the lake and jump right on. You will have to wait a few minutes for boat to fill and then enjoy your ride to the island. Prices Prices are the same no matter where you start your ride. Adults: 15 EUR / person Youngsters (to 12 years old): 7 EUR / person Babys (to 3 years old): free ** note that prices are informative and can be changed

Pletna on lake bled
Castle Bled

Bled Castle can be seen from Bled Lake, as it is perched precariously on the 130-meter (127-foot) cliff towering over the lake. The castle grounds hold a museum as well as a 
restaurant that serves traditional Slovenian dishes.
Adults: 13€
Youngsters (to 14 years old): 5€

Bled Castle

Vintgar Gorge is a 1600 m long and up to 250 m deep gorge on the eastern edge of the Triglav National Park, 4 km northwest of the center of Bled. 2h walk trough gorge.
10min driving distance by car. 
Adults: 10 EUR
Youngsters(6-15 years): 3 EUR

Vintgar gorge, waterfall Šum

Vintgar gorge
Ojstrica view climb hike

Ojstrica, Osojnica hill

Enjoy a spectacular view from hills above Lake Bled. 2h walk from Sivka Lodge.


Charming Meetings with the Past. Visitors to the historic 
town centre of Radovljica are charmed by its magnificent 
square, gourmet cuisine and numerous museums. A local 
guide will take your around the town and its hidden alleys.
Driving distance: 15min or 25min with bike.

Radovljica town
Vogel ski resort and view


A green oasis for responsible tourism. If lake Bled is too crowdy for you try lake Bohinj. You 
can take cable car to Vogel - its green-covered landscape provides numerous opportunities 
for activities, recreation and experiences in the mountains.
Driving distance: 30min


Historical city center & Ljubljana Castle. Best of all is the trip up to the Castle: the funicular 
whisks you up the hillside with a great view over the roofs or there’s a mini train from the Old 
Town. Stop by the Spot Dragon, the city of Ljubljana. Take your time and explore, it is easy to 
spend 1 day in the city. 
Driving distance: 1h.

Ljubljana city
Green Ljubljana river
Postojna cave

Postojna cave

Postojna Cave is a 24,120 m long karst cave system near 
Postojna, southwestern Slovenia. It is the second-longest 
cave system in the country as well as one of its top tourism 
Tickets online, price from 28,50€, 
Driving distance: 1h.

Portoroz sea

Piran&Portorož – Slovenian coast

Piran is a resort city on Slovenia’s Adriatic coast, known for its long pier and Venetian architecture. 
Tartini Square is flanked by the Gothic red Venetian House and the frescoed Tartini House.
Driving distance: 1h45min

Piran cute town

A Fairytale Castle Embraced by Rock.
A mere few kilometres from Postojna Cave, the Karst world 
offers an unforgettable experience in the fairytale world 
of knights. The impregnable medieval marvel has been 
perched in the middle of a 123-metre-high cliff for more 
than 800 years. The castle has also mesmerised George R. 
R. Martin, author of the best-seller The Game of Thrones.
Driving distance: 1h.

Predjama castle

Predjama castle in the rocks

Sport activities in Bled
Straža adventure park, summer sledding, rent a sup, rent a boat, canyoning, rafting...

Summer sledding:
Rent a sup:
Paragliding, rafting....:
Dino park:

Restaurants in Bled
We recommend you to make reservations, especially in summer

Best pizza in town

Oldest restaurant in Bled

Oldest cellar, Slovene Wine and platter 


Closest restaurant

Hotel Starkl - Bled 1928

Best burgers in town

Caffe, bar, breakfast

Fresh delivery breakfast from local farms:

Alpine breakfast

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